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       Tasting Events at Norman's Liquor and Fine Wines

Norman's Liquors & Fine Wines offers regular Tasting Events allowing you to enjoy an extensive array of both wines and spirits, all of which are available for purchase in our fine stores.

Additionally, our stores boast a Temperature Controlled Wine Cellar and a Walk-in Humidor, offering a memorable shopping experience.

Tasting Events vary by store location.  See scheduling details below.  For additional information on upcoming Tasting Events, please feel free to contact any of our store locations directly.


Bradenton Location: Ask about Featured Tastings at our Bradenton store location. 
We also offer wine & liquor tastings every:
   Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1pm-7pm. 
(Contact this store for more details - click HERE for store contact information.)



Sarasota Location: Our Sarasota location offers wine & liquor tastings:
   Monday through Saturday, 1pm-7pm and Sunday, 12pm-6pm.
(Contact this store for more details - click HERE for store contact information.)


St Pete Beach Location: Our St. Pete Beach location offers wine & liquor tastings:
   Friday and Saturday, 1pm-7pm.
(Contact this store for more details - click HERE for store contact information.)