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Champagne/Sparkling Wine

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige
750ml: $17.99
A complex  assemblage of primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Brut Prestige opens with ...
Mumm Napa Brut Rose
750ml: $17.99
93 Points Wine Enthusiast "What a roll Mumm Napa is on with their new releases. This blush ...
Korbel Brut
750ml: $10.97
87 Points Wine Enthusiast "Another fine brut from Korbel, dry, yeasty and citrusy, just ...
Roederer Estate Brut
750ml: $17.99
Roederer Est Brut is sleek and impeccably focused and balanced with floral apple, cinnamon and ...
Allure Sparkling Moscato
750ml: $9.99
88 POINTS | TOP VALUE SPARKLING WINE Wine Spectator 2012 A combination of floral bouquets ...
Allure Sparkling Pink Moscato
750ml: $9.99
88 points Wine Enthusiast "Though fairly sweet, this is balanced with a lively acidity, offering ...
Andre Brut
750ml: $6.99
Fruity flavors with a dry mouthfeel yield a lively mid-palate and ...
Andre Extra Dry
750ml: $6.99
Our André Extra Dry California champagne is a semi-dry blend of varietal whites with pear ...
Andre Spumante
750ml: $6.99
Our André Spumante California champagne is light and sweet with Muscat-type flavors and a ...
Ballatore Gran Spumante
750ml: $8.99
85 Points Wine Enthusiast Two things to know about this bubbly. It's slightly sweet, and it's ...
Barefoot Cellars Bubbly Red Moscato
750ml: $7.99
This bubbly bursts with the aromas of jasmine and mandarin orange, complemented by dark cherry, ...
Blanc De Bleu Cuvee Brut
750ml: $15.99
Blanc de Bleu is a premium California Chardonnay wine with an added hint of blueberries and is a ...
Chandon Blanc De Noirs
750ml: $16.99
89 Points Wine Enthusiast "While this bubbly is technically dry, it tastes sweetly infused ...
Chandon Brut Classic
750ml: $14.97
89 Points Wine Spectator "Crisp and lively, with aromas of green apple, cinnamon and ...
Chandon Extra Dry Riche
750ml: $16.99
An inviting floral bouquet is followed by rich, hon eyed fruit flavors that harmonize with the ...
Chateua Sinnet Select Brut Cuvee
750ml: $14.99
This California Champagne, Almond Cuvée, can be described as nutty, fruity and refreshingly ...
Domaine Carneros Brut
750ml: $28.99
91 Points, Wine Spectator "Festive and vibrant, but rich and complex, with bright aromas of ...
Gloria Ferrer Carneros Cuvee
750ml: $42.99
93 Points Wine Enthusiast A complex, effusive nose offers ripe apple and rich Asian pear aromas ...
Iron Horse Brut Classic Vintage 2008
750ml: $26.99
 The 2008 is a blend of 72% Pinot Noir and 28% Chardonnay aged, sur lie, in bottle for an ...
Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee 2007
750ml: $26.99
89 Points Wine Spectator "Floral aromas of strawberry and green apple lead to refined ...
J Vineyards Brut Rose
750ml: $36.99
  This J Brut Rosé sparkles with a luminous cool pink hue and exudes delicate aromas ...
J Vineyards Cuvee 20
750ml: $29.99
  Easy to drink, with some sweetness to the pear, apricot and orange flavors, like a ...
Pacific Echo Brut
750ml: $17.99
Pacific Echo Brut, a classically-styled methode champenoise sparkling wine, exemplifies our ...
Scharffenberger Blanc De Blancs
750ml: $28.99
 The 100% malolactic fermentation adds a vanilla cream character producing a round and full-bod ...
Scharffenberger Brut Rose
750ml: $19.99
92 Points Wine Enthusiast "This nonvintage 54% Pinot Noir, 46% Chardonnay sparkler is as ...
Wilson Creek Almond Champagne
750ml: $12.99
 Persistent small bubbles form a light mousse on top of the wine in the glass. The Almond is ...
Barefoot Cellars Bubbly Brut
750ml: $7.99
Green apples, Peach, Kiwi, Light-bodied  Green apple, jasmine, hints of kiwi and peach flavors ...
Barefoot Cellars Bubbly Extra Dry
750ml: $7.99
Nice citrus and floral aromas great you in the glass. The palate offers flavors of tangerine and ...
Barefoot Cellars Bubbly Pink Moscato
750ml: $7.99
This Pink Moscato sparkler has aromas of red apples and cherries, complimented by a luscious, ...
Cooks Brut Champagne
750ml: $6.97
Cook's California Champagne Brut is medium-dry with crisp fruit flavors. The aromas of apple and ...
Cooks Extra Dry
750ml: $6.97
Cook's Extra Dry is a light straw color with pleasant fruit and a mild floral character. The aromas ...
Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs
750ml: $18.99
90 Points   Wine Spectator "Fun and festive, with floral raspberry and graham cracker ...
Gloria Ferrer Brut
750ml: $18.99
90 Points Wine Enthusiast "A wonderfully drinkable sparkling wine that appeals immediately ...
Korbel Brut Rose
750ml: $10.97
88 Points Wine Spectator "Soft and easy to like, offering spicy cherry and vanilla aromas ...
Korbel Extra Dry
750ml: $10.97
87 Points Wine Spectator "Crisp and lively, with a hint of sweet apple and citrus fruit, ...
Mumm Napa Blanc De Blanc
750ml: $19.99
Blancs is an uncommon sparkling wine. Chardonnay provides a crisp acidity and fresh citrus notes, ...
Mumm Napa M Cuvee
750ml: $17.99
90 Points Wine Enthusiast "This is a delicious, brut style wine, based on Chardonnay and ...
Piper Sonoma Brut
750ml: $12.99
88 Points Wine Enthusiast "A little scoury around the edges and sweet, but otherwise a fine ...
Scharffenberger Brut
750ml: $14.99
90 Points Wine Spectator "A delightfully racy sparkler, with tart apple and floral anise ...
Schramsberg Blanc De Blancs Vintge
750ml: $33.99
  "Enticing aromas of Asian pear and spiced cinnamon lead to rich, layered flavors of lemon ...

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