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Korbel Sweet Rose

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Korbel Sweet Rose

The broad array of red grapes used in the Korbel Sweet Rosé blend gives us an incredibly diverse selection of blending alternatives.  Varieties like Pinot Noir, Gamay and Zinfandel give us light, bright wines with high levels of acidity.  The Sangoivese is more intensely aromatic and contributes a deeper color to the blend.  The Chenin Blanc keeps the blend delicate and balanced.
One of the challenges in making a truly sweet wine is finding the right balance of flavors.  Too often, sweet wines are just that — sweet — without enough substance to make them interesting.  This is why Korbel has chosen to make our sweetest champagne in a rosé style.  Quality rosés combine the brightness and freshness of white wines with some of the depth and intensity of red wines.  When we assembled this blend, we found the Sangiovese wines to be particularly helpful in finding the correct balance.
Rose/Blush Wine
United States
Korbel Sweet Rose
750ml: $10.97