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Dessert & Fortified Wine

Barefoot Cellars Moscato
750ml: $8.99
Delightfully sweet with lush fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across flavors of juicy peach and ...
Ferrair Carano El Dorado Noir
375ml: $31.99
Ferrari-Carano Eldorado Noir is a truly unique dessert wine made from Black Muscat grapes grown in ...
Heitz Cellars Ink Grade Port
750ml: $37.99
This Napa Valley Port wine is a blend of the 2005, 2006, and 2007 vintages. It is comprised of the ...
Justin Obtuse 2010
750ml: $25.99
Deep ruby with a garnet rim. Aromas of sweet, ripe black cherry, dried plum, and fig. Dark berries, ...
Mer Soleil Late
375ml: $29.99
An expansive nose of floral aromas, apricots and spice. In the mouth, flavors of ripe apricots and ...
Merryvale Antigua Dessert Wine
500ml: $34.99
Golden/amber in color from its long aging in French oak, the wine is a complex combination of nuts ...
Renwood Orange Muscat 2008
375ml: $14.99
The defining characteristic of the clan of grapes know as Muscat is their voluptuous aroma. This ...
Rosenblum Desiree
375ml: $17.99
This Chocolate Dessert Wine is crafted in a rich, tawny port style with heady, dark fruit and ...
Taylor NY Dry Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
Light in color and delicate in flavor with nuances of roasted nuts, Taylor Dry Sherry is a ...
Taylor NY Port
1.5L: $10.97
A rich, fruity taste and smooth finish make Taylor Port the perfect choice to pair with your ...
Beringer Red Moscato
750ml: $5.97
A mutant variation of the true Moscato grape, the Red Moscato is bigger and richer, with fresh ...
Fairbanks Cream Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
Full-bodied and velvety soft, with an appealing touch of sweetness. Vintner's collection. Alc. 17% ...
Fairbanks Port
1.5L: $10.97
Domestic fortified wine from one of the largest pro ducers of wine in the world. This is a ruby ...
Fairbanks Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
This sherry is light in color, a touch of amber in an otherwise clear liquid, and it’s got a ...
Fairbanks White Port
1.5L: $10.97
Domestic white port from the largest producer of wine in the world. White port is made from only ...
Sheffield Tawny Port
1.5L: $10.97
This is a very good American tawny port; slighly wooded in character and with a hint of complexity; ...
Sheffield Very Dry Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
Very dry domestic sherry from Sheffield Cellars in California which is owned by Gallo. A very dry ...
Sheffield Cream Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
An upscale Sherry from California, this wine is sweet and lush on the palate.

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