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Dessert & Fortified Wine

Taittinger Prestige Rose
750ml: $69.99
92 Points Wine Spectator "A firm, toasty rose, with roasted hazelnut and smoke notes ...
Taylor Fladgate 2007 Vintage Port
750ml: $97.99
95 Points The Wine Advocate "The 2007 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port is a blend of multiple ...
Taylor Fladgate 30 Yr Tawny
750ml: $129.99
95 Points Wine & Spirits  Taylor’s is one of the few remaining houses to produce ...
Taylor Fladgate 40 Yr Tawny
750ml: $189.99
95 points Wine Spectator An incredible example of an old Tawny port. A rarity, as few houses ...
Taylor NY Dry Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
Light in color and delicate in flavor with nuances of roasted nuts, Taylor Dry Sherry is a ...
Taylor NY Port
1.5L: $10.97
A rich, fruity taste and smooth finish make Taylor Port the perfect choice to pair with your ...
Tio Pepe Sherry
750ml: $15.99
Round and nutty, with mild floral and honey hints up front. The formula for Tio Pepe calls for a ...
Warre's Otima 10 Yrs Port
500ml: $26.99
91 Points Wine Enthusiast "An aged tawny that manages effortlessly to combine the freshness ...
Warre's Warrior Port
750ml: $16.99
90 Points Wine & Spirits "Fresher in style than the Warrior of the '90s, this blend is ...
Aperol Aperitivo
750ml: $19.99
Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in color it has a unique bitter-sweet taste deriving ...
Averna Amaro
750ml: $34.99
A speciality of Sicily. Averna has an unmistakable taste that comes from the unique combination of ...
Beringer Red Moscato
750ml: $5.97
A mutant variation of the true Moscato grape, the Red Moscato is bigger and richer, with fresh ...
750ml: $29.99
A bold red spirit that is a unique blend of herbs and spices with orange as a predominant flavor. ...
Dow's Fine Tawny Port
750ml: $14.99
What's so lovely about Dow's non-vintage tawny is how wonderfully bouyant it is. Sure, it's got the ...
Dow's Tawny Port 10Yr
750ml: $30.99
90 Points Wine Spectator "Medium-bodied, with a fresh allure to the baked apricot, dried ...
Dry Sack Sherry
750ml: $15.99
Dry Sack Medium Dry has a light, yet satisfying taste and is best served chilled straight-up, or on ...
Fairbanks Cream Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
Full-bodied and velvety soft, with an appealing touch of sweetness. Vintner's collection. Alc. 17% ...
Fairbanks Port
1.5L: $10.97
Domestic fortified wine from one of the largest pro ducers of wine in the world. This is a ruby ...
Fairbanks Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
This sherry is light in color, a touch of amber in an otherwise clear liquid, and it’s got a ...
Fairbanks White Port
1.5L: $10.97
Domestic white port from the largest producer of wine in the world. White port is made from only ...
Fernet Branca
750ml: $23.99
Fernet Branca is an Italian amaro developed in 1845. A combination of 27 different herbs ...
Fonseca 10 Yr Tawny
750ml: $32.99
91 Points Wine & Spirits "Fruit interprets the alcohol in this wine with the orange-citr ...
Fonseca Bin 27
750ml: $17.99
90 Points Wine Spectator "Fresh and grapey, with plenty of grip and power behind dark plum, ...
Fonseca Tawny Porto
750ml: $15.99
Smooth, velvety and relatively full-bodied, elegantly balanced to show a ripe fruitiness, crisp ...
Graham's 10 yr Tawny
750ml: $34.99
92 Points Wine Enthusiast "Powered with acidity and its firm structure, this is an ...
Graham's 20 yr Tawny
750ml: $53.99
93 Points Wine Spectator "A complex and full-bore tawny, with deep, intense flavors of ...
Graham's 30 yr Tawny
750ml: $99.99
95 Points Wine Enthusiast "Remarkably, this is able to show age and long cask aging, but ...
Graham's 40 yr Tawny
750ml: $149.99
94 Points Wine Enthusiast "An old, mature wine, but one that has kept its ripeness and ...
Graham's Six Grapes
750ml: $21.99
Six Grapes has a seductive, rich aroma of ripe plums, cherries and dark chocolate notes. On the ...
Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
750ml: $13.99
The Original cream sherry - a unique blend of classic old Oloroso wines, fine Amontillados, and ...
Sandeman 20 Yr Tawny
750ml: $48.99
91 Points Wine Spectator "This has a bright aroma, with notes of lemon zest and flavors of ...
Sandeman Fine Rich Madeira
750ml: $16.99
Medium dark amber colour with pronounced golden highlights. Clean nutty aromas, light complexity ...
Sandeman Fine Tawny
750ml: $15.99
Clear red amber colours with a light intense body, open up to aromas of vanilla and evolved dried ...
Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto
750ml: $17.99
87 Points Wine Enthusiast "Very jammy aromas here, while the wine is ripe and full. It has ...
Sandeman Rich Ruby Porto
750ml: $14.99
Brilliant red ruby in colour, with clean aromas of red fruits, plums and strawberries, Sandeman ...
Sheffield Tawny Port
1.5L: $10.97
This is a very good American tawny port; slighly wooded in character and with a hint of complexity; ...
Sheffield Very Dry Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
Very dry domestic sherry from Sheffield Cellars in California which is owned by Gallo. A very dry ...
Sheffield Cream Sherry
1.5L: $10.97
An upscale Sherry from California, this wine is sweet and lush on the palate.
Sutter Home Pink Moscato
750ml: $6.97
Like a fun-loving friend, our Pink Moscato wine will keep the good times coming. Life is sweet ...
Taylor Fladgate 10 Yr Tawny
750ml: $28.99
93 Points The Wine Advocate "It is my opinion that Taylor's tawny ports are the best of ...
Taylor Fladgate 20 Yr Tawny
750ml: $42.99
90 Points Wine Enthusiast "Although this famous name has produced quite a light 20-year-old, ...
Taylor Fladgate LBV Port
750ml: $19.99
ntense purple ruby color. Pungent aromatic nose with heaps of black woodland fruit, dark cherry and ...

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