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El Dorado 21Yr
750ml: $93.99
This full-bodied and complex spirit is blended from rums at least 21 years old. The rich color, ...
El Dorado 8 Yr
750ml: $21.99
A recent addition to the El Dorado range of splendid golden Demerara rums from Guyana, this ...
El Dorado Spice Rum
750ml: $14.99
A  unique blend of aged  Demerara rums  and natural spices - cinnamon and vanilla ...
El Dorado 12 Yr
750ml: $29.99
An International Gold Medal Winner with a golden character. This distinctive spirit aged in oaken ...
El Dorado 5 Yr
750ml: $19.99
Matured for at least five years in oak casks this rum is hand blended to achieve the ultimate taste ...
El Dorado Reserve 15 Yr
750ml: $41.99
To achieve the superb colour, smooth taste and full fragant aroma, the rums are matured in 45 ...
El Dorado Superior White Rum
750ml: $11.99
Light, dry and amazingly subtle! A rum with all its flavour components in perfect harmony. In ...

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