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Our collection of Fine Spirits is second to none.  With an expansive array of flavored Vodkas, Bourbon, Cognac, exotic Rums, Liquers/Cordials and more, you're certain to find exactly what you're looking for at Norman's Fine Wines & Spirits.  Browse our online listing or visit one of our locations for a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

Glenfiddich 12 Yr
1.75L: $69.99
Matured in the finest American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks for at least 12 years, the ...
Drambuie 15
750ml: $58.99
Drambuie 15, a blend of 15 year old Scotch Whiskies as the base, has all the characteristics of a ...
Glenfiddich Age of Discovery 19 Yr Old
750ml: $189.99
The Great American Rivers once transported fine oak casks filled with American bourbon towards New ...
Glenlivet Guardian's Chapter
750ml: $85.99
Given a choice of three, the members of the Guardians of The Glenlivet chose this Exotic Expression ...
Glenrothes 1995
750ml: $109.99
Glenrothes distillery, established in 1879 in Speyside, gets an unusually slow distillation from ...
Macgavin's Speyside
750ml: $19.99
Macgavin's Speyside single malt is from the Islay region, suggesting a very light peat smoke and ...
Tormore 12
750ml: $48.99
A deliciously smooth malt of character and complexity.  Tormore Distillery is the Pearl of ...
Aberlour 12 Yr
750ml: $55.99
Aberlour is always a good choice, one of the best value Speyside malts around, this 12 year-old ...
Aberlour 12 Yr Non-Chilled Filtered
750ml: $87.99
This expression of Aberlour 12 Year Old has been bottled omitting modern chill-filtering, allowing ...
Balvenie 15 Yr Single Barrel
750ml: $89.99
The Balvenie Single Barrel is a 15 year old single malt which is drawn from a single traditional ...
Balvenie Port Wood 21 Yr
750ml: $199.99
Balvenie transfers their rare 21 Year Old, which has been matured in traditional oak casks, to port ...
Cardhu 12 Yr Speyside Single Malt
750ml: $44.99
Cardhu is the luxury single malt whisky from Speyside. It is produced in limited quantities by a ...
Glenfiddich 12 Yr
750ml: $31.99
Matured in the finest American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks for at least 12 years, the ...
Glenfiddich 15 Yr
750ml: $57.99
The richly layered Glenfiddich 15 year old single malt Scotch whisky is innovatively matured in ...
Glenfiddich 18 Yr
750ml: $99.99
A complex, mellow single malt Scotch whisky from years of patient maturation in casks of the ...
Glenfiddich 21 Yr
750ml: $189.99
This exceptional Glenfiddich 21 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky is uniquely finished for up to ...
Glenlivet 12 Yr
375ml: $20.99
Maturation in American oak imparts vanilla notes and gives the whisky its distinct smoothness. The ...
Glenlivet 18 Yr
750ml: $119.99
Glenlivet 18 year is fragrant and complex with sweet oak. Selected from special casks which have ...
Glenlivet Archive 21 Yr
750ml: $249.99
The Glenlivet Archive 21 Year offers deep multi-layered flavors and a creamy texture that can only ...
Glenlivet French Oak 15 Yr
750ml: $61.99
Selective maturation in new Limousin oak casks, usually reserved for wine, has added delicate ...
Glenlivet Nadurra 16 Yr
750ml: $79.99
Nadurra, meaning "Natural" in Gaelic, is bottled at cask strength and is non-chillfiltered to ...
Glenrothes Select Reserve
750ml: $46.99
The Select Reserve is a first for The Glenrothes, as they have only released vintage bottlings in ...
Longmorn 16 Yr
750ml: $124.99
Longmorn's 16 year old Speyside single malt Scotch whisky combines effortless simplicity and total ...
McClelland's Speyside
1.75L: $45.99
Speyside Single Malt is a fine example of the region, vibrant, floral and unforgettable. A subtle ...
Speyburn 10 Yr
750ml: $30.99
  Speyburn Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky was first distilled on the 15th of Decemer ...

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